The Do-It-Yourself Kit of U-Stick helps you with emergency repairs while you are on vacation, on the beach or whenever you cannot find any kite repair service nearby!

You can easily repair tears in Dacron as well as Spinnaker Nylon Sails and Kite Bladders with the help of the Do-It-Yourself Kit. The Do-It-Yourself Kit also contains practical things such as tie-ribs in order to fixate the One-Pump Valve.


- 1* Tube flexible glue for sail repairs 

- 1* Strip Fibre Tape (2.5*50 CM) for sail repairs 

- 1* Marker in order to mark damages 

- 1* Tear-Aid package type A (2 *7.5 CM) Incl. Instructions of how to use on bladder patches 

- 1* Dacron Tape black (150*5 CM) 1*Dacron Tape white (150*5 CM) 

- 6* Tie-Rips (in order to fixate the one-pump system) 

- 4* Alcohol Swaps (in order to clean the sail and /or the bladder)

- 1* Pair of Scissors 1* Painter’s Tape (in order to avoid glue on the kite) 

- 1* Business Card to spread the glue on the fibre tape 

- 1* Basis Instructions’ Book about kite repairs

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