Freeride:100%     Freefly:100%     Freestyle:100%     Speed:90% 

The STRIKE V.2 and its improved design will give you even stronger sensations, no matter your skill level.

Adaptive Wing Design: Controlled power, Performance and Comfort

Pre Loaded Canopy: Our unique canopy tension allows the wing to keep its shape at all times

Perfectly balanced center of traction between your two arms

Legendary lightness, essential for freefly

Dynamic stability for a fully controlled ride

Exceptional forward traction to increase upwind and reduce fatigue

Extended wind range, guaranteeing performance and control in all your sessions

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This Package Includes: Wing + Bag + Manual + Wrist Leash + inflation adaptor

1 year warranty

這產品包括: 風翼 + 袋 + 說明書 + 腕繩 + 充氣連接頭

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Wing | STRIKE V.2 | 4.5m Flame | F-One ( -45% )

  • $6,900.00
  • $3,800.00

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