The Meteor X10D is made for the pure performance.

The inside X10D makes you feel stretch and light, with an extra good feeling on the skin. It is a suit very adapted to waveriding, freestyle or SUP because of its ability to follow the rider’s movements without any restriction.
If you’re looking for lightness and flexibility, this is the wetsuit you need.

Available in sizes: XS / S / M / L / XL / XXL


SD² TAPE 2.0 - NEW!

Our SD² TAPE becomes SD² TAPE 2.0. The neoprene panels are still sealed together and then sewed with «blind-stitches» (the needle does not entirely go through the neoprene layer for an increased impermeability). Then the SD² tape is now welded to the seam by an air heater machine, unlike past years when the tape was hand glued.
This new process brings more durability, waterproofness and flexibility to our wetsuits.



A Wetsuit leg filled up with water is a very uncomfortable issue: The MANERA water strainer panel is here to prevent it. The leaky + perforated neoprene drains the water out of your leg instantly to let you continue the session in the best possible conditions.


Hangers can often damage and deform the shoulders of your wetsuit, which is a critical area. The HANGER TOLERANCE PRINT strategically reinforces this area and thereby protects the neoprene, preserving the original design.


What we call «neoprene» is actually composed of three layers including a middle neoprene foam with jerseys on each side. We use our exclusive TRIPLEX neoprene, which we have developed into two versions depending on your needs: MAGMA and X10D.
The TRIPLEX X10D offers unparalleled freedom of movement.


The X10D inside layer is the most flexible material you can find on a suit, it makes you feel stretch and light, with a good feeling on the skin.


Our brand new N FOAM is even warmer, more flexible and more comfortable than V foam. It totally outdoes all the existing foams.



Better than your own skin. The REFLEX outside skin is extremely stretch, smooth, durable, UV-resistant, it enhances your movements and makes them more explosive.


The different neoprene layers are fused on the tips of arms and legs to make it thinner and more aesthetic. It prevents water from coming in and also protects the inside neoprene foam (N FOAM) by covering it.


Sealing prints make the ankles and wrists stiffer. It has a joint role that keeps the water away, and maintains the arms and legs panels in place. It is made to be just stretch enough to put-on and remove the wetsuit easily.


If the Water strainer panel is still not enough for you: The MANERA ankle straps are designed to be very thin so water sprays can’t take them off. They are also stiff enough to block the water from coming in, and light for a better comfort.

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Wetsuit Men - 2017 Manera X10D - 5/4/3mm Fullsuit - Orange (-30%)

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