This twin-tip bag is light, durable, and fits any size of boards on the market, even with straps on. It includes some PVC patch protection inside to protect the cloth from the fins.

- Heather 600D
- Mate Tarpaulin
- Air vent system
- Double gallon stitching
- ALU Tarpee (bottom)

- One complete board (pads, straps, fins)
- Two/three bare boards
- Accessories and tools

Weight: 1.4kg


We looked for the highest quality grade of Polyester 600D so our boardbags will perform the tracks of many trips



The Tarpaulin panel offers durability and waterproofness, its soft and technical style make the design aesthetic and modern.


The ALU layer is a reflecting material that is very resistant to tearing and shocks, but its killer advantage is that it reflects the UV rays. It regulates the heat of your boardbag surface and so, when ALU layer is placed up, your board will not be damaged if left hours in the sun.


Being confined in a wet, salty boardbag is clearly not a good situation. As we love your boards and gear, we would like it to be ventilated: we developped the AIRVENT RUBBER SYSTEM to let the boardbag breath and evacuate moisture and bad smells.


Most of the boardbags are stitched with one gallon joining the top and bottom parts all around. Having used many boardbags we realized this joint is a sensible area, and it needs the best construction to resist. On all our boardbags, we stitch a first gallon all around the top part, then stitch a second gallon all around the bottom part, to finish we stitch both gallon together. This is a long, expensive process but it assures us our boardbags will be the most durable possible.

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Kiteboard Bag - Manera TWIN-TIP BAG

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