Winter is all about strong wind & colds days, this is exactly what the Blizzard jacket is made for. This 3 layer jacket is light, waterproof & windproof. The two side-pockets let the spreaderbar go through to be used when Kiting.

The Blizzard jacket creates a cocoon around the Kiter that allows a far better resistance to cold even with a standard wetsuit. Whether you are on the water or debriefing the session on the beach, the Blizzard will keep you warm & comfy.

Like a wetsuit, it is important to take care of it: Rinse it with fresh water after each session, keep it stored on a hanger.

Warning: Do not wear this jacket in surf conditions, it might compromise your movements in case of wipeout in the waves.


The windchill lowers your body temperature because of the passing-flow of lower-temperature air, it is emphasized if the body’s wet. That’s why it’s important to protect from the gusts, to avoid your wet wetsuit keeping you cold.
The Blizzard jacket’s 3 laminated layers are working like a hedge to cut the wind and protect the body from cold gusts.

Harness Bar Compatible
The two side-pockets let the spreaderbar go through to be used when Kiting.

Thanks to its micro-perforated internal membrane, the jacket evacuates moisture from your body when you’re active on land.

It makes it a good tool for any sport like SUPing, biking, or even for a walk in the street.

Re-flex skin
Better than your own skin. The RE-FLEX outside skin is extremely stretch, smooth, durable, UV-resistant, it enhances your movements and makes them more explosive.


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Water Jacket : Blizzard Kiteboarding Jacket Blue : Manera

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