LIGHTWIND or BEGINNER best choice !

The F-One FISH boards are high performance surf boards designed for light wind use. They're so good that they are able to generate apparent wind thanks to their sheer speed. Featuring straight rocker lines they can get on the plane very early while their rounded and compact outline offer them really good maneuverability in the surf.


Even with a small and weak shore break, it's rounded outline will allow for tight turns maintaining contact with the wave at all times. Its perfect rocker gives F-One Fish boards incredible early planning ability and manoeuverability which remains unchanged. This successful combo have helped the Fish become a rider’s favorite for the past three years.


Easier during your turns, the Fish’s also gained in stability with a more natural drive, being less technical.Strapless, the feeling is closer to a skimboard.


The F-One Fish has amazing upwind and planning capability, thanks to its width and flat scoop and with its impressive floatability you can use a kite one size smaller than usual and stilll gain steering and direction control.

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Kite Surfboard | 2017 FISH 5'6 | F-One (-60%)

  • $6,900.00
  • $2,760.00

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