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F-ONE brings a revolution to the strapless freestyle world: the slim tech carbon custom.

  • 2.3 KG! The lightest kite strapless board ever built
  • Finally, a technology able to resist to the most extreme tricks
  • Sticks to your feet throughout the whole jump
  • Huge comfort and control thanks to its exclusive slim profile
  • Immediately improves your riding skills

149 x 46 cm  /  4'11 x 18.1''
2.3 kg
11 L
155 x 47 cm  /  5'1 x 18.5''
2.4 kg

12 L


The SLIM Tech process uses a high strength foam core material to reduce board thickness dramatically. This core is then wrapped entirely by a carbon fiber skin. All of the skin layers are carefully laid and vacuum-bagged for minimum weight and maximum fiber efficiency. Direct benefits are multiple: Reduced weight, increased strength, better flex.


  • REDUCED WEIGHT. Through the use of a stronger core material, we can reduce the amount and variety of materials used in the shell. Added to the reduced volume, this means the board can be made lighter.
  • INCREASED STRENGTH. The core of the board is no more this fragile blank which you can ding, dent or break. The Slim Tech boards are tougher and stronger.
  • BETTER FLEX. Using a slimmer profile, the flex of the board can be better tuned by adjusting the skin fiber layup. This flex is a true innovation and is the secret of the strength, the board will bend and not brake. Boards built with the SLIM Tech Carbon Custom construction are all hand-built around a CNC shaped core. The end result is a board that is outstandingly light and impressively strong. 

This Item Includes: board + full pads + 3x Flow XS fins
One year warranty

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Kite Surfboard | MAGNET CARBON Strapless | F-ONE 2021

  • $7,900.00

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